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NEC N341i Mobile Games
Mobile Phone Game : Wall Breaker

Get smashing those bricks, or you’ll be stuck in the game forever!
Mobile Phone Game : Shado Fighter

You must fight your way through to the evil Shado and defeat him.
Mobile Phone Game : The Terminator(TM)

The machines have taken over the world!
Save the human race from the Cyborgs
Mobile Phone Game : South Park(R)

Live the lives of Cartman and co. as you take up the different challenges all around South Park… KICK ASS!
Mobile Phone Game : Solitaire

In this Solitaire pack, find the three classic challenging games :
Klondike Solitaire
2 Cards Summit
Sum 21

Mobile Phone Game : Star Academy

You want to be part of Star Academy and  become a great star. Load the game on your mobile.
Mobile Phone Game : Rollerblade(R)

Show off your skating skills in 5 of the world’s biggest cities! Master all 30 levels on your way to the top!
Mobile Phone Game : DJ Bubble

Enjoy all the buzz and atmosphere of a hot dance-club, and get them grooving!
Mobile Phone Game : Flynn`s Adventures

Be Flynn the Nightmare Buster !!

Mobile Phone Game : IF Racing 2

Get behind the wheel of an F1 racer for a  contest to become world champion!
Mobile Phone Game : Midtown Madness® 3 Mobile

Wheel-to-wheel, pedal to the metal racing. Go anywhere, do anything… but get there first !
Mobile Phone Game : Pikubi

Go!Go!Pikubi! Fly and punch the aliens out of this earth !!
Mobile Phone Game : Dice Extreme

Get on your mobile one of the most popular dice game throughout the world !

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