In this Solitaire pack, find the three classic challenging games :
Klondike Solitaire
2 Cards Summit
Sum 21


Had enough of being bored in waiting rooms? Awaiting a card game for your leisure time? Solitaire Gold is for you! Three games, three different goals in one. Enjoy an accomplished mobile card game with a fast, few clicks card-movement controls.


  • Intuitive keypad controls
  • 3 Games that respect a balanced win percentage
  • Rewards within the game




The object of Solitaire is to complet piles (called Foundations) of all four-suits (Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds) starting with Aces and going through suit and rank sequence to Kings.

2 Cards Summit
The object of 2 Card Summit is to clear two “Summits” of playing cards from the screen during two different rounds of play. Cards are cleared from the screen by matching the face-up card on the deck with a face-up card in the “Summits” that is one position higher or lower.

Sum 21
The object of Sum 21 is, during three rounds of play, to “build” five piles of cards that each add up to 21, without going over. . Cards are worth their rank value, face cards are considered to be worth 10, Aces can be 11 or one.


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I like solitaire because is one classic game that everbody can enjoy!



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