Show off your skating skills in 5 of the world’s biggest cities! Master all 30 levels on your way to the top!

Become a skating champ as you slash through 5 different cities around the world. Earn the most points by avoiding obstacles, doing landing tricks and collecting as many gold roller wheels, energy drinks and bonuses as you can along the way.


  • Choose from one of 6 different skaters
  • 30 levels to master in 5 different cities
  • Win real prizes!





Send your best score to for your chance to win a pair of Rollerblade® in-line skates!

How can I score the most points?
To score the most points, try to collect all the letter bonuses on a level, and try to pass as many levels as you can.

How many lives do I have in the game?
When you start the game, you have three lives. As you fall, your health decreases and you can lose a life. During the game you can pick up the special bonus that rewards you with one more life but you can’t have more than three lives at a time. When you lose all 3 lives, the game is over.

What is the difference between the characters?
Each character has their own speed and jumping skills. These skills are shown beside the picture of the character on the character selection screen.


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