Go!Go!Pikubi! Fly and punch the aliens out of this earth !!

In this platform/action game you are a pink bird named Pikubi and your  mission is (simply…) to prevent the aliens from invading the earth!! Your only weapons are your fists (punch, uppercut and POWER PUNCH) to evict the aliens from the planet.


  • An innovative gameplay : arcade + fighting + platform
  • Evolutive enemies (several aliens can gather and merge to become a new and powerful enemy)
  • A simple gameplay : 1 key to jump (fly) and 2 keys to punch…
  • 3 worlds, 30 levels.




“Aliens can merge” – What does it mean?

When 2 “standard” aliens get close to each other, they gather and become a “medium” alien, which is bigger and harder to beat. When 2 “medium” aliens get close to each other, they gather and become a “BIG“ alien, which is even more powerful and difficult to beat

What happens if I punch a “medium” or a “BIG” alien?
When Pikubi punches them hard enough, medium aliens split into two standard aliens and Big aliens split into four aliens. Depending on the power of the punch (big, uppercut or power punch) and on the size of the alien, Pikubi can make them split with just one punch.

How does Pikubi become bigger?
Pikubi’s size increases when he eats food items left by the aliens. If Pikubi is hit when he’s big, he will not lose a life but will revert back to his normal size.

Does Pikubi only fight against standard aliens?
No, if you take too long the crazy cook appears. He`s very fast and unbeatable, just try to avoid him!. Every 10 levels, Pikubi will also have to fight and defeat a boss.

What is the “Spice” bonus?
Sometimes a “spice” appears on the screen. If Pikubi can grab it, he’ll spit fire, become immune to attack for a few seconds and kill whatever comes to touch him.


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Very nice!
this game kicks ass!! it is a brilliant attempt at an old school japanese platformer, i love it
HAHA!!! What a cute and fun game. Its very addictive too.



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