Zoo Tycoon™ 2 Mobile
Design, build and manage your ultimate zoo in this mobile version of the PC blockbuster hit!
You are responsible for your animals happiness and must anticipate their needs; their desire to play, to have babies…The Zoo Tycoon 2 Mobile Photo feature lets you take photos of your animals, to build your own photo album and earn new game-related content.
Click here to access to the Zoo Tycoon™ 2 Mobile Photo Objective bonus homepage.


  • Choice between 3 zoo and 5 exhibits
  • A choice among a maximum of 8 animals (depending on the phones)
  • 2 game modes: Freeform Mode and Zoo Photo Mode  
  • A mobile game linked to the PC game,  including downloadable and unlockable content




How do I unlock new animals in the Mobile version?
You need to keep your animals happy and make sure exhibits (with terrain and trees, etc.) so that your animals are happy and every exhibit has a money goal that you will meet if you keep your animals happy. The more happy your animals are, the more money you will earn! If you successfully finish your exhibit.

How do I get new Zoo Tycoon 2 PC content from playing on my mobile phone?
By fulfilling all of the Photo Objectives in the Mobile version, you are given special access to the game’s web site. From there you can download bonus content for Zoo Tycoon 2 PC!

How do I use the cheat code my carrier gave to me?
Enter this code in the Mobile game (Options / Cheat) to access any of the following cheats. Each code gives a different bonus, so try them all. But be careful! Cheating in a game is the quickest way to ensure that you don\'t have fun.



Downloads cost the standard price, depending on your operator, per minute. Download and use of the game is subject to terms and conditions.


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Gage Taylor
I like the Zoo Tycoon 2 mobile it is great!
This game is such a good game! Its excellent
RaZoR BaCk
Best, and only, tycoon game for your mobile. Totaly awsome, man.



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