Winter Sports
Engage in fierce competition and try to excel in 6 thrilling winter events!
Winter Sports is a game in which there are 6 winter events: Snowboard, Combined downhill, Biathlon, Downhill skiing, Cross-country skiing and Jump skiing. You can choose your level of difficulty, and try to achieve the best score. Stay cool!


  • A wide choice of events
  • Multi-player challenges
  • An evocative graphic environment
  • Good, gripping game play




What is the Training Mode ?
Play for as long as you like in order to become familiar with the game. In this mode, you will only be able to achieve low scores.

What is the difference between the National Cup and the World Cup?
To attain the National Cup, you must complete all training events during one session and to attain the World Cup, you must qualify for all National Cup events during one session.


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