The Terminator I`m Back

In 2029 A.D. the machines rule the world. It\'s up to one man to save humanity’s future, if he can make it to the past.


In Terminator I’m Back the action is better than ever. Fight the machines as the future-soldier Kyle Reese through a dozen different missions and recover the parts necessary to assemble the time displacement device which will send him back in time to save Sarah Connor.


  • A game play mixing action and adventure
  • Sequel of the successful Terminator licensed game for mobile
  • Closely follows the movie’s original atmosphere and scenario




What is the purpose of the human resistance fighters I meet during the missions?

The human resistance fighters will attack Terminators and other Machines in order to help clear your way through a mission. But you should also try to protect them : the more humans that survive, the more points you get.

What is the use of the crawling type of movement?

More powerful weapons such as the Plasma Cannon come with very limited ammunition. You should save such weapons for the tougher enemies and to use the more common weapons whenever possible.


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