Sphere Madness
Be as skillful as you can to avoid the traps and to gain a maximum of points
You must move the ball through 40 levels. For each level you will have a limited time to get a maximum of bonuses and to find the way out whilst avoiding enemies.



  • Great graphics
  • Variety of gameplay (different items, objects, secret areas)
  • Top level design (the difficulty level increases throughout the game)




What are the different bonuses you can find in the game ?

There are 7 types of bonus and to stimulate the bonuses the ball has to touch them. They are randomly located in the game and disappear with time.

  • Bonus H (health) : max health
  • Bonus L (life) : get an extra life
  • Bonus P (points) : add 25 points
  • Bonus T (Time) : freeze health

What is \"Oracle\" used for ?

\"Oracle\" lets you buy some extra lives, a map of the level, invulnerability or a health freeze , a move to the next level ...


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