South Park®
Live the lives of Cartman and co. as you take up the different challenges all around South Park… KICK ASS!

As Kenny, avoid cows and police cars, become Cartman  and collect the underwear from a pool full of pee, make Chef groove in a dance lesson and kick gnomes as Tweek. You can also imitate Philip’s farts…

Try and get the best total score ever!



  • A funny and irreverent game
  • A graphical presentation very similar to that of the cartoon




How does scoring work?

In fact, the Total Score is the addition of the Scores achieve in all the mini-games ever played.  Each episode has its own scoring system, but the difficulty has been set so that the scores obtained are balanced between the episodes. 

How do I control my character?

Each mini-game has its own control type, so read the instructions carefully before playing. But in every game you will use:

(C): Quit

(#): Pause


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Rating 5 Reviews

Last reviews:
its so cool
Ben Howard
it was realy good I quite liked the graphics
this game didn't stand upto my expectations and at times found it little boring



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