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Become the most popular Smiley manager by beating everyone in this turn based, 2 player game!
Smiley is the first ever 2-player community game. You must manage four Smileys as you attempt to poison your opponent’s goal. Take care to repel advances from your opponent! Special moves include: fast speed, super strength and cream pie throwing to help you on your quest.


  • Training feature
  • You can find an opponent randomly or play against a friend
  • Manage your team among a set of 60 Smileys
  • Crazy special powers (cream pies, invisibility, telekinesis etc.)




Who are the Smileys?
The Smileys are the members of your team. You will choose 4 out of 60 different Smileys with specific characteristics, looks and names. With them you must build up a strategy to beat your opponent in the fewest possible moves.

How do I invite someone to play with me?
There are 2 ways to start a game.

  • The first one is to go to the play menu and choose the Search option. You’ll enter a lobby where any available opponent will be automatically connected to play with you.
  • The second one is to invite a friend. You choose the address menu, you choose a slot in your address book (type the phone number of your friend), and the game will ask you if you want to be connected to your friend.



Downloads cost the standard price, depending on your operator, per minute. Download and use of the game is subject to terms and conditions.


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This game is the best I've ever played in my hard core gamer life!



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