Skate Kid
Use your dexterity and reflexes to finish all of the levels and free your girlfriend. Letís ride!
The aim is to complete the levels full of traps and surprises within the time limit. The skater always moves from left to right. He needs three Life Points to finish a level and must jump and crouch to avoid obstacles and enemies. He can also do tricks to earn extra points.


  • Clear, realistic graphics
  • The opportunity to try out real skating styles
  • A variety of urban environments




How can I kill the enemies?
The only way to kill enemies is to jump on their heads.

How can I perform tricks?
A trick is a special feature performed by your character when certain sequences are achieved.

- Trick 1: push jump when in a crouched position.
- Trick 2: push jump at the very end of a ramp.
- Trick 3: push jump at the very end of a rail
- Trick 4: push jump at the moment when you land on an enemyís head


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Last reviews:
I like this game realy it's so fun
The graphics are not as good as some of the other games by in-fusio, but overall the game is ok.



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