Shado Fighter
You must fight your way through to the evil Shado and defeat him.

The king of mobile fighting games has arrived. Select from nine different trained fighters, each with their own fighting styles and special moves as you jump, kick and punch your way to the top! This is the best mobile fighting game with multiple playing modes.


  • 9 different unique characters to choose from  
  • A complete Practice Mode to learn how to play
  • 3 game modes: Story, Time Attack and Survival
  • More than 12 different combos per character
  • 4 different game speeds






What is the Command List?
It appears when the game is paused, and gives a total list of the special moves of the character selected.

What is the CPU mode?
When you are in practice mode, you can train yourself to fight against an immobile adversary. But in CPU mode, your enemy can stand, jump or crouch, thus intensifying your training session.


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Great game
raphael okafor
i love this game. its entertaining and full of fun.
ai ni
good games



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