Midtown Madness® 3 Mobile
Wheel-to-wheel, pedal to the metal racing. Go anywhere, do anything… but get there first !
Have all the excitement, the action, the danger, the how–can–we–say–it…the MADNESS of Midtown Madness 3 for XBOX in your hands. Wreak maximum havoc for maximum score as you race against the clock, AI vehicles!


  • High quality graphics
  • Fast and fluid animations
  • Game featuring licensed cars




The Opponent AI is too fast and I cannot keep up, how can I beat them?
Every level has shortcuts that will help you shave seconds off of your total race time, look for them! Once you`ve found them, use the shortcuts, learn to use the mini-map, and memorize the levels: herein lie the keys to victory! Also, try playing the game to unlock all of the vehicles; the faster the vehicle you drive, the less advantage the A.I. have!

My car is really fast but I cannot take turns without hitting buildings! What can I do?
Each car has it`s own unique physics and handling properties, so learning how to drive one car well isn`t enough. With faster cars Practice and Timing are essential! Practice to learn the routes and levels, and time your turns to make maximum use of the handbrake feature. Watch out for the traffic!!

The Majestic 12 says that it is always locked but I want to drive it! How can I unlock the Majestic 12 car?
It`s a secret, but here is a hint: Try playing all races in all modes…


Downloads cost the standard price, depending on your operator, per minute. Download and use of the game is subject to terms and conditions.


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Last reviews:
RaZoR BaCk
Best game for mobile I`ve played in ages
I think that is fantastic....
For the first time I spend all my time playing on my mobile thanks to this wonderful game! Midtown Madness 3 mobile is a real HIT!!! Thanks a lot for making it!!!



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