Malibu Ride
Blast through the most famous water-spots of the world on the most powerful jet-skis

Be the king of the beach! Ride in 12 beautiful spots against other pilots.
Gain the maximum of points and win the ultimate prize: the unique golden jet!


  • Choose your tribe between the “jets” and the “sharks”
  • You can choose between 8 powerful jets
  • 12 beautiful spots, in all the coolest places on the planet!
  • Jet skis have different caracteristics (speed and acceleration)





What are the differences between the 2 tribes?

In each tribe, there is one leader and some members. According to your choice (tribe + character), your rider will have different behaviour in the spots and jets he chooses. Try all of them on each track, to see what works best!

What is the difference between the jet skis?
Jet skis have different caracteristics (speed and acceleration) and also, according to your character, it will react differently.

Can I play on any track?
Sure! At first, only the Malibu and Hawaii tracks are unlocked. To play on other tracks, you need to unlock them.


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Rating 2 Reviews

Last reviews:
no bad, I realy enjoy it.
Not that bad, a game good for kids but you can get a bit bored with it after a while.



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