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Run! You’ve got a dinosaur on your tail! Will you make it out alive?

Relive the excitement and the adrenalin rush of the movie as you try to escape from the dinosaurs in chases through twisting labyrinths. On foot, by car, plane or boat, keep going because your pursuer is right on your tail! Your only goal is to finish the game in one piece!



  • 2 different types of game (chases and labyrinths)
  • 20 levels including 4 extra-long ones


Only avalaible on ExEn phones.




What are my objectives in the labyrinths?
Your objectives are to:

  • Find the exit
  • Pick up a defined number of items scattered through the level, then exit
  • Go to a defined number of spots, and then exit

These must be achieve in order to finish the level.

How do I pick up bonuses?
You just have to make contact with them.



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very great game
this game is very great!
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Very great game



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