IF Racing 2
Get behind the wheel of an F1 racer for a  contest to become world champion!

Race on 17 international circuits against 19 other drivers as you try to capture the F1 World Champion title. The game features the first ever “Ghost Car” option in a mobile game, allowing you to send your best race performance to a friend or post it on the leaderboard.


    • Race up to 19 other drivers
    • 17 exotic track locations including Tokyo and Australia
    • Challenge friends using the exclusive “Ghost Car” feature
    • Realistic and accurate pit-stops
    • Customize your car, including the suspension and steering





What is the garage screen?
The garage screen enables you, before each circuit, to adapt and improve four features of your vehicle: the engine; the suspension; the gearbox and the fuel tank. When doing this you must take into account the circuit and the weather conditions.

What exactly is the point of the “ghost car”?
The ghost car is a transparent car, which travels around your chosen circuit. It can be the recording of your previous performance, that of your friends which they have sent you, or the best ever score for that particular circuit recorded on the server. You can send your own ghost car to your friends, or even to the server... But just how confident are you?



Downloads cost the standard price, depending on your operator, per minute. Download and use of the game is subject to terms and conditions.


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