Golden Tee® Golf
Golden Tee® Golf, the world’s most successful coin-op game, is finally on your phone in 3D perspective!

Golden Tee® Golf, the world`s most successful coin-op video game, is now on your cell phone! Compete on all 18 holes of the Mystic Hills course on your own or share the phone and play against a friend.


  • 3 skill levels: normal, advanced and pro
  • All the traps, hazards and sloping greens of the course are included  
  • Realistic ball physics, wind, curves and backspin
  • Upload your score and see how you rank amongst the top players across the country





How does two-player mode work?
In two-player mode you share the phone with your friend. Take turns, follow the message prompts, and pass the phone back and forth. Player 1 is blue and Player 2 is red. As in regular golf, the golfer who is farthest away takes the next shot. Whoever completes the hole in the fewest strokes has the honour of taking the first shot at the next hole.

Can I reset my shot once the golfer starts to swing?
Yes. If the backswing doesn’t feel right you can reset the golfer’s club back to the ball by pressing or . Just make sure you don’t press or <2> to hit the ball.

How can I see where to aim the ball? It’s a long way to that flag.
At the top of the screen, starting in the center, there is a red triangle pointing down. This indicator points to the hole and flag. If you reposition your golfer to the left or right, you will see the pointer move along the top.


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