Fruit Factory
Collect as many ‘yummies’ as possible while avoiding the monsters in the labyrinths. Dinner time!
You are Nina, a very greedy girl who has been kidnapped by the fridge! You now have to get all the yummies that you come across to escape from the different universes you’ve got into! Beware of the monsters that’ll try to trap you when they see you. Get munching!


  • Cute graphics and hilarious monsters that takes you into a brand new world of fantasy!
  • 2 power-ups: the bubble and the bomb helps in the trickiest parts




What is the bubble bonus?
It reacts like a shield; Nina is protected in a bubble. It prevents Nina from getting hit by a monster. Instead, the monster gives her a kiss.

What is the bomb bonus?
The player can use it to clear the level of all visible monsters. Within a level, the player just has to press * to pause the game, scroll from left to right and up and down to get to the point where the maximum of monsters are gathered and validate (pressing 5) to drop the bomb. The Monsters become all red and explode!



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becky fuller
great game absolutly brill!
Good game! Nice and colorful graphics. Easy gameplay but some levels are challenging. This game will hold you in breath several hours. For everyone if you like Puzzle Games.



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