Football Fans
Use 32 teams and 4 game modes to become football world champion. KICK OFF!
Finally, a real football game on your phone! Choose your team and your tactics to beat the opposition in 1 of 4 modes: friendly, cup, championship and challenge. You will experience all the excitement of an adrenalin filled match on your way to becoming world champion.


  • The most complete football game
  • Manage your team, your tactics and your substitution
  • SMS generation capacity: 30




What are the options available?
You can choose the length of the match for yourself.

How can I play with a team?
If you want to play with or against a particular team you have to unlock it. Once a team is unlocked, it will remain that way.


Downloads cost the standard price, depending on your operator, per minute. Download and use of the game is subject to terms and conditions.


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Last reviews:
this game is very good
i will always play this game.good
nice games ;congratulation for new game



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