Elf Bowling®

The official “politically incorrect” mega-hit PC bowling game.


Elf Bowling® plays like regular bowling… but, we use elves instead of pins. Try and roll a perfect score of 300. That’s a lot of elves knocked from the picket line and back into Santa’s workshop. Game completed with original art and effects! Play alone or challenge a friend.


  • The exact Elf Bowling PC game
  • Original art and effects
  • For 1 or 2 players
  • Two skill levels: REGULAR and ADVANCED
  • Maximum shot control with aiming, power and spin on the advanced level

Available in North America only




What is the difference between regular and advanced modes?

  • REGULAR mode : you can play Elf Bowling just like the original PC game. Just throw the ball to stop the lane lights. Santa automatically throws the ball at the elves through that light.
  • ADVANCED mode, you play with more throwing variables. Place Santa where you want him to start his throw. Then, set the aim, power and spin on the ball. A good hook gives the ball a little more “pop” when it hits.

How can I score the most points?
As in regular bowling, the key to a good score is to pick up your spares and to link two strikes in a row.

Is there any difference in the rules of classic bowling and Elf Bowling?
No, Elf Bowing’s basic rules and scoring are exactly the same as in regular bowling.


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