DJ Bubble
Enjoy all the buzz and atmosphere of a hot dance-club, and get them grooving!

You are the Top World DJ, and clubbers flock to your dance floor! Your goal is to send clubbers into a twilight zone by putting 3 identical dancers together. Remember, the faster you are, the more points youíll win! Get spinning!


  • 50 levels of increasing difficulty
  • 2 DJs, 4 dance floors, dozens of clubbers
  • Bonus balls to help you achieve a higher score




How can I improve my score?
You have two ways to improve your score.

The first one is to make more identical dancers disappear at one time. To do this, group together as many identical dancers as you can and then throw a final one thatíll make all of them fall.

The second one is to clear the level as fast as you can!

How about bubbles that look different?
Those bubbles are bonus balls. Hit them with a dancer and you will gain a special power. You have different specific powers:

  • Iím the best DJ: This bonus allows you to see where the face will go before throwing it.
  • Void: This bonus makes a bunch of faces disappear around the point it touches (a total of 6 faces can disappear.)
  • Happy Hour: This bonus clears all the faces which are the same colour as the one touched.
  • Spotlight: After getting this bonus, you can send a ball that clears everything on its way to the top.

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