Crazy Cobra 2
Beware!  Do not bite yourself or hit a deadly wall whilst clearing the levels! Reach the Ultimate Crazy Speed!
Crazy Cobra2 is a remake of the classic Snake games, improved with  new cobras, new surprise pills and exciting worlds on your mobile! Clear the levels by eating all the pills before the time runs out! Reach the Ultimate Crazy Speed!


  • 3 difficulty speed settings: Easy, Normal and Crazy speed
  • Simple and fun game-play
  • New pills to eat, new obstacles and different cobras
  • New world of Magma, Sand and the Moon





What does -The Cobra bites himself- mean?
If the head of the cobra crosses any part of the longer and longer body, your cobra loses a life

When is the Crazy Mode accessible?
The Crazy Mode gets unlocked when you finish the Normal Mode

How long does the effect of a Bonus pill last?
Once you get a bonus, you can see a small red rectangle on top of your screen getting darker and darker. When your bonus time is over, the rectangle is black.


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