A bewitching platform game!

Charmed is a platform game, based on the hit TV series. As one of the Halliwells, you must rescue your sisters from the evil Source. They are hold prisoner at the top of the tower! Use your powers to get to the Exit door within the time limit, or no spell will save you…


  • Play with real characters from the series!
  • Loads of items and bonuses
  • 2 additional characters: Cole and Leo




What are the differences between the sisters?
Each sister has her own specific spell in all levels. Piper can “freeze time”, which prevents the shelves from moving; Paige jumps over 2 floors with her “teleportation” spell; Phoebe can destroy future incoming enemies thanks to the “premonition” spell.

How many levels are there in total?
To free your 2 sisters you will go through 30 levels split between 3 different places: The Dungeon, The Castle and The Bell Tower.


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