Celebrity Chic
Girls, finally here’s your chance to become the celebrity you’ve always dreamed of being!
Play the role of 2 different celebrity personalities in a 2-episode game, making decisions that help or hinder your career as a musician or a fashion agent. On your rise to stardom, try to spot the difference between real opportunity and the ‘road to disaster’.


  • Girls`game
  • Dynamic Scenes
  • Low Entry Game Play
  • No ‘Required’ SMS Interactions




What are the Smileys?

The Smileys in the game are there to represent your mood when you answer. You will react differently depending on your situation in the game, so you can be upset, crazy or happy about a question.

How do I download the next episode?

There are 2 ways to download the next episode. If you end the game, you’ll automatically be given the option of downloading the next story. Alternatively, you can choose the “Episode #” category in the main menu.

How do I win?

There is no winning or losing in this game, only the opportunity to get to know yourself better and experience a fun and original game!



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i really like this game cuz its a nice game and its fun



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