Casino Nights
Recreate the excitement, buzz and energy of the casino! Best of luck!
Experience the thrills of the game! In the main room you can play black jack, jackpot or video poker. Once you become a VIP player, by winning 100 chips, you’ll be authorised to enter the private room where you can play super jackpot and roulette.


  • The first ever gambling game
  • A rich and evocative universe
  • A wide choice of casino games




What does “doubling” mean in Black Jack?
If you are dealt a total of 9, 10 or 11 in your initial hand, you may double down. This doubles your bet, but you are only allowed to draw one further card.

What does “splitting” mean in Black Jack?
This allows you to play 2 hands if you are dealt identical cards, each starting with one of the cards. Your bet is split between the two hands.


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