Disarm the bombs and kill your enemies – before it’s too late. TICK…TICK…TICK…
Jack’s mission is to dispose of the bombs, and avoid or kill his increasingly dangerous enemies. As Jack, you will run, jump, fly and hover through 64 levels in 5 different worlds.  But watch out! You only have three lives, and the bombs are ticking…!


  • Adapted from the Original BombJack arcade game
  • Totally addictive game play
  • Start level choice
  • Colourful and exotic graphics




How do I reach high platforms?
Some platforms are too high for normal jumps, so you will have to do a special High Jump. This is achieved by pushing buttons 2 and 5 successively.

How can I obtain a higher score?
You will achieve a higher score if you collect the lit bombs in sequence.


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The best nice game
Bombjack rules !



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