Banjo-Kazooie® Grunty`s Revenge: Mobile
Banjo-Kazooie are back on mobile! Challenge Gruntilda witch and rescue your long lost and feathery pal Kazooie
Banjo-Kazooie in your hand; whenever you want, wherever you are! Taking control of Banjo in this adventure game, you will have to traverse magical and coloured worlds in search of your long lost and feathery pal Kazooie


  • Endearing and already very popular characters (Banjo the bear and Kazooie the bird)
  • Funny and magical atmosphere, sticking to the original game
  • True and deep action/adventure game




What should I do to free Kazooie?

Along you way, you will have to collect Jiggys (magic puzzle pieces) that you will use to  break the curse that keeps Kazooie emprisonned.

How can I learn special abilities (swiming, climbing, fighting,etc…)?

The characters you will meet during your quest will ask you to help them or to collect special items. Doing that, they will teach you special abilitites that you will need to complete your mission

What should I do if I miss only few magic notes or other item to complete my mission?

Explore the maps in details or talk to the Mole. He can help you find your way.


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